In September 2020, we ran the first ever Meme for America event and had a blast. We gathered twenty friends to make pro-Biden memes to get folks out to vote. Here are the memes we generated. To get a sense for what the event looks like and how much fun you can have, check out the memes from our event.

Host your own event

Here is what it takes to host an event like ours...

Create a Facebook event to announce your event

Feel free to use or riff on our event description included below.

Bring your friends together on Zoom

This will be the Zoom party of the year.

Use these slides to add pizzazz to your event

Copy our epic Meme for America Google Slides so your participants can work collaboratively during the event.

If you need help generating memes

Check out our instructions:

Meme for America

Event description you can use

Note: We scheduled this for 3 hours on a Saturday night.

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Event description

Making memes is fun.

Getting Biden elected is important.